Film Four Corners

February 20, 2019

Wondering what's going on with film and media in the Four Corners region of New Mexico? Well it turns out...a lot! Join FILMCAST and our guests Brent Garcia, Luke Hawthorne and Heath Cates as they let you in on all of the amazing things happening in the northwest region. Filmmaking, acting classes and even a new Film Festival are just some of the things happening and these three local guys will get you excited to join in.

Chris Conrad

January 23, 2019

Actor/Writer/Producer Chris Conrad, in New Mexico as a cast member of the Epix TV show "Our Lady LTD" joins us on FILMCAST to share his origin story and pathway to becoming a working actor in the Film & TV Industry. You'll definitely recognize some of his credits: "Young Hercules", "Mortal Combat", "Clear and Present Danger" and "Patriot." But more importantly, you won't find a more generous and articulate (and funny!) guy willing to share his journey and offer advice to aspiring actors and filmmakers looking to find their passion in the industry.

New Mexico Girls Make Movies

December 13, 2018

Today's FILMCAST is all about education, training and opportunity for New Mexico Girls in the NM film industry. Join us with NMGMM Founder & Director Jocelyn Jansons and Producer (and former Film Office intern!) Barb Odell as they describe how they got where they are today, their particular journeys and their inspiration and drive to bring more young women into the film industry. New Mexico Girls Make Movies provides education, job training and set placements for young women ages 12-25 in the film industry. If you think you might want to write a script, shoot a movie, hold a boom mic - or any of the dozens of job opportunities in NM, don't miss this conversation.

GreenSlate CEO & Founder John Finn

November 14, 2018

Have a passion for numbers but still want to do something meaningful with your talents? That was exactly the conundrum John Finn found himself in as a young man. He was an accountant but didn't feel a sense of purpose in his career. His creative drive as an artist led him to the film industry and to the creation of GreenSlate, a payroll and accounting company for the film industry. Join us on FILMCAST for this fascinating discussion about accounting, creativity, digital software solutions for production... and John's professional basketball playing father (yup!).


IATSE 480 - Doug Acton & Liz Pecos

November 14, 2018

Would you be interested in a job that pays 42% higher than the national average and comes with benefits and retirement? Do you have transferable skills? Are you willing to learn new skills? Would you mind working in an exciting industry and seeing your name in the end credits of a film or TV show? You would? Then IATSE Local 480 may be the place to start. Join us on FILMCAST with IATSE President Liz Pecos and Business agent Doug Acton for a great discussion of how to get your start in the New Mexico Film industry. We need your skills!

Davida Lara, Executive Vice President of Payroll - Entertainment Partners

November 14, 2018

Film & TV productions simply could not run without the services of a company like Entertainment Partners. Accounting & Payroll (and more!) are not usually within the expertise of the creative team on a project - and that's where EP comes in. And you will not find someone more passionate about what she does then Executive Vice President of Payroll Davida Lara. Listen in to our FILMCAST conversation, learn more about what EP does and how you can get involved if you think you have the skills and passion for this side of the industry. Davida's passion for what she brings to a production is infectious. After all, as Davida's daughter tells her: "Mommy, you pay Hollywood!"

Mary Silentwalker - Institute of American Indian Arts

November 8, 2018

Education in New Mexico is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to growing crew as well as finding above the line talent for New Mexico's film industry. Join FILMCAST for a great discussion about the community of creatives at IAIA with Mary Silentwalker, Director of Admissions and Recruitment. Mary also shares her own experience as wife and mother of two family members acting in the NM industry as well. A wonderful conversation you'll definitely want to hear.

Nigel Rudlin - IndieOn

November 8, 2018

Nigel Rudlin, Cofounder of IndieOn, has a very unique approach to creating viewing opportunities for independent filmmakers - an approach that also provides monetization of viewer engagement as well as intellectual property protections. Don't worry, here at FILMCAST we didn't really understand all of the nuances of this either - until Nigel explained them to us! If you are an indie filmmaker (or a musician!) you'll want to hear about IndieOn's unique approach to opportunities to show your work to a whole new audience in the brave new online world we currently occupy.

Ryan Broussard - Media Services

November 6, 2018

Media Services is one of those essential support companies in the film industry that many people just don't think about. From payroll services to tax incentive help and production accounting, Media Services provides the "backbone" of a production's needs. Vice President Ryan Broussard walks us through what Media Services does as well as gives his perspective on the company's passion for helping productions, large, small and in-between, bring their projects to life.

Alton Walpole - Mountainair Films

November 6, 2018

LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD. Born and bred in Mountainair NM, Alton Walpole is a singularly unique voice in the film industry here. As a UPM/Line Producer, he's done it all: CRAZY HEART, THE BOOK OF ELI, JANE GOT A GUN, THE BRAVE, GODLESS... his resume is extensive. And his stories and experience make for a fascinating listen every time FILMCAST sits down with him. You won't be disappointed.